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Mary Laulis, Chef
859 Lincoln Gap Rd
Warren, VT 05674

Wedding Cakes:
Our Cakes are made in a European tradition. A delicate torte with many layers of cake and mousse. Icings can be selected with buttercreams and foncants.
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Our Wedding Cakes
A Sampling of Cakes

Cake Selection
Raspberry Genoise
French Cocoa Chocolate
Orange Almond Genoise
Chocolate Orange
Classic Madagascar Vanilla Genoise

Mousse Filling Selections
Chocolate and Raspberry
Orange or Citrus Mousse
Apricot Mousse
White Chocolate Truffle
Dark Chocolate Truffle
Dried Cherries or candied citrus can be added to any Truffle combination to add that special truffle combination.

Icing Combinations

Madacascar Vanilla Italian Buttercream
White Chocolate Italian Buttercream
White Chocolate Grand Mariner Italian Buttercream
White Chocolate Framboise-Raspberry Italian Buttercream


Under 25      $5.50 per serving
Under 75     $5.00 per serving
75 and up     $4.50 per serving

For combinations including chocolate or liquor add $.50 per serving. These are priced by the slice per person.