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Mary Laulis, Chef
859 Lincoln Gap Rd
Warren, VT 05674

What our customer's have to say.

Here are some comments we have received from our customers:

In a message dated 9/12/2005 7:42:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, ***************** writes:
Hi Mary,

A proper thank you is coming by postal mail to you, but I just wanted to tell you how amazing the wedding cake was. It was absolutely beautiful! Your brocade pattern was even more gorgeous than I could have imagined. The champagne grapes and plums on top were perfect, too! And, besides the external beauty, it tasted GREAT!!!! Everyone loved it so much we had very little to take with us. We nibbled on what was left over the course of our honeymoon and enjoyed every last bite.

You are an amazing artist. We thank you for creating such a masterpiece for our wedding. I will send you photographs once I have sorted through everything from the wedding. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone and everyone!

It was a pleasure working with you.
With our sincere thanks and appreciation,
R and M
(and my mother, B, too!)

From: "H "
To:Mary Laulis
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 10:39 PM
Subject: your cake on sunday> Hi Mary,

You are amazing!!!!

Thank You so much for making such a beautiful work of art, as well as the
most amazing tasting cake I have ever had! The Guest of Honor was quite
impressed as well, (she's picky....)

I want to reserve the same cake for my wedding June 2007, will let you
when we pick a date, thanks again!!!!


To: Mary Laulis
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 1:51 PM

Subject: a note from R ...


Thank you again for a really pleasant evening learning how to cook. I learned so much in just one hour with you! You are a fantastic cooking teacher!

Here is a picture of the lasagna. It is sooooooooo tasty! We are having a very nice Italian meal this evening with the lasagna.

See you next week for more fitness training.

A Thank You card dated January 11, 2007


We can't thank you enough for all you did this past weekend. Everything about our rehearsal dinner and about our brunch was perfect. Everyone complimented us and our parents on the food. It was absolutely delicious. And the presentation was beautiful. We know that you put a lot of effort into making both events special for us and you suceeded! Thanks so much for your part in making a fabulous wedding weekend for us.

With much gratitude,

C and S

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